What To Do In Las Vegas After The Buffet?

Okay, so you have enjoyed the buffet experience in Las Vegas at Bellagio. You are full and sated, and everything’s just correct in the world. Now what? You can, obviously, just relax, perhaps read a book, watch some television, or sleep. But you are in Vegas, and you ought to maximize the stay by taking in everything that the city provides.

There is always gambling, but what else to do? If you reserve gambling for the daytime and desire to have some other kind of fun at night, here are a few things to do (if you get your mind out of the gutter if you know what we denote):

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Bellagio Fountains:

It’s a great beginning to the evening if you are already at Bellagio for the buffet. The Bellagio Fountains is one fantastic sight that works excellent for the videos you can send the envious buddies back home. You get the water dancing among the vibrant lights; all choreographed to music.

A Night Tour:

You can then choose to have an open bus tour at night, showing you a lot of different sights here in the city. There is a tour that takes three hours, so it takes care of the rest of the evening (unless you are a night owl).

With the open deck, you get an amazing view of the city as the bus drives all across the Strip and the rest of the city. The comprised guide can tell you everything about the landmarks you come across.

The tour usually has unlimited freedom for getting on and off, so you are free to check out all the places. You can even append on the twenty-four-hour ticket, so you can really discover the Strip at your own speed.

Mirage Volcano:

It’s another light show that is one of the top free things you can do in Vegas. It is right at the main entry to Vegas Boulevard, so you ought to locate it simply enough. It sure is something to appreciate, particularly if you are with your entire family.

It comprises sophisticated explosions, with the fireballs going up to twelve feet in the air. You will even feel the flame’s heat (though it is very safe, of course), and you will wonder why the smoke effects actually smell like a piña colada.

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Enjoy The Nightlife At A Club:

It ought not to surprise you that Vegas has many party venues. You really have countless options as to where you want to go. There is the classy Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay, where they will make you feel like a VIP (be certain to bring cash, though).

Or you can visit the MGM Grand and party at Hakkasan, where you will locate the more well-known DJs. At Caesar’s Palace, you have the Omnia, where there is also the outdoor terrace if you desire a little fresh air. And if you are searching for some live music, there is also the multi-level Drai’s.

Watch A Show:

A show is almost a must in Vegas, like enjoying a buffet and gambling. There are magic acts, music acts, dance groups, and comedians. If everybody in the group is of drinking age, there are elegant burlesque shows as well. Try the Brooklyn Bowl, the Axis, and The Pearl. You can also check out the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, and the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

When you are in Las Vegas, boredom isn’t an option!

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