What Not To Drink At A Las Vegas Buffet?

Sure, you are in Vegas now, and to really get that complete Sin City experience, you ought to try a buffet. So, you visit the Bellagio Buffet with its diverse offerings and enjoy. But the food is not really the only thing here.

What about what you ought to drink? Fill yourself up with the wrong drinks, and you might simply miss out on a lot of amazing new dishes.

And To avoid this issue, here are a few drinks you ought to definitely evade at an all-you-can-eat buffet:

Carbonated Drinks:

If there is just one drink type you really have to evade at an all-you-can-eat buffet, it is sodas and other carbonated drinks. Yes, it is a fun drink, and it assists you in relaxing. That might seem like a great thing, but it is bad at a buffet.

Buffets like to offer many carbonated drinks because they are relatively inexpensive, while many diners really like them. So, it is cost-effective, and it also provides patrons with what they desire. But such buffet owners also know that drinking too many carbonated beverages can make folks feel full and bloated.

That denotes diners would not consume as much, which is also great for the bottom line of the buffet. If you are consuming at a buffet, stick to only water in the meantime. Or, if you really desire some soda, simply take small sips. Only drink them when you know you cannot consume them anymore. Besides, even the doctor will tell you that sodas are really bad for your health!

Beer And Wine:

A few places permit bottomless booze, and they even allow you to pay for that privilege. Alcohol is another such drink that Vegas tourists really expect. It’s a Sin City, after all. But buffets just provide cheap wines and beers, so you can gorge on them as much as you desire.

At the same time, they take up a lot of space in the stomach. You will simply feel bloated really quickly, and you would not be capable of eating as much as you’d have without the alcohol. The same rule applies here: if you need to drink alcohol, take small sips. You can always get an inexpensive beer after the buffet. Then you can have as much as you desire.


Isn’t juice supposed to be a healthy drink?

Why’s it bad at the buffet?

Firstly, freshly squeezed juice might be somewhat healthy for you, but you still have to take the sugar intake into consideration. A few buffet juices might not be all that natural and might have a lot of sugar.

And again, you will simply make yourself feel full really quickly with a lot of juice. Even a single glass of juice can make you full already. So, take some sips of the juice if you have to throughout the buffet. Take more only when you are really done consuming.

All things considered, you are really just better off with small sips of water throughout the buffet. Then you can still enjoy the juices, carbonated drinks, or beer after you are done with the meal.