There’s Mexican Pizza, And Then There’s Pizza a la Mexico

The beauty of food lies in its versatility and fluidity. Take pizza, for instance, the classic Italian food that has gone through changes according to the food culture in each place it has been introduced in. Pizza has been mexicanized, in a manner of speaking, with classic Mexican toppings.

But did you know that there is also a true-blue Mexican pizza available? First, a brief history lesson on the connection between Mexico and Italy in relation to pizza. Italy is undoubtedly contemplated as the birthplace of pizza, but the creature would not have happened if it was not for Mexico.

The Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez back in 1519, brought back tomatoes from Mexico. But the Europeans were apprehensive of tomatoes and, in fact, contemplated them as toxic. For over a hundred years, they did not see the potential of tomatoes. But when they actually did, they realized that tomatoes were the ideal toppings for focaccia, and in next to no time, pizzas were born.

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Tyaluda, The Authentic Mexican Pizza:

But Mexicans were actually ahead of the Italians in the pizza creation, or more suitably, the true Mexican pizza. Recognized as tlayuda, it is a conventional Oaxacan dish with a big corn tortilla as the base. The corn tortilla can be cooked on a griddle, baked, or fried.

The corn tortilla is then covered with numerous toppings. The first one is the pork lard, recognized as asiento, and mashed beans, then queso fresco or cheese such as Oaxaca cheese. There might also be shredded pieces of chicken or steak as well as some shredded lettuce. For the last touch, it is drizzled with some fire-roasted chile sauce.

Did we state that, unlike numerous American pizzas, the Oaxacan pizzas are handmade? Even the equipment utilized in making them is the conventional type, like the big stones utilized for cooking the corn tortillas or grinding the beans.

Modern Pizza, a la Mexico:

Pizza, as it is recognized in the US, is also well-liked in Mexico, although there are also some changes to justify the local food culture. There are also locations that serve their unique twist on a Mexican pizza.

Take, for instance, Taco Bell. The Tex-Mex joint serves Mexican pizza, a flavorful and filling dish made of two tortillas stuffed with refried beans and shredded beef and topped with tomatoes and cheese.

You can customize your pizza whichever way you desire. There are also numerous variations of Mexicanized pizza. The toppings are usual in Mexican cuisines, like avocado, chiles, and jalapenos paired with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

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