The Most Impressive Buffet In The World!

Les Grands Buffet is a fantastic buffet in Narbonne, France. A quick Google search will show you pictures of a lobster fountain among its numerous striking food arrangements.

You can locate the top French dishes from cassoulet to foie gras to lobsters. If you like good food, you just have to make Les Grands Buffet on the bucket list.


Les Grands Buffet started back in 1989 for the first time and, to this day, stays committed to preserving the tradition of French Serving, just like how the French upper classes once hosted amazing banquets. 

Visionary Louis Privat desired to establish a place that resuscitated this practice and, at the same time, served as a window into the French cuisine world. The striking buffet allows guests to pick whatever they want from over three hundred food items comprising seventy kinds of wine.

Louis Privat set out to provide guests with quality products working hand-in-hand with different producers all across the country. Thirty years later, this place is seen as the Charlie’s Chocolate Factory of French gastronomy, the top restaurant for enjoying French cuisine without spending a fortune.

Les Grands Buffets features set a new Guinness record in December 2018 for the world’s biggest cheese platter in an eating place. It has more than a hundred types of French cheese prudently set on the huge stainless steel platter.

The all-you-can-eat buffet is not frequently a fancy place, but this place has broken this preconceived idea of what it ought to be. Expect numerous decadent, complex dishes in an environment that reminds you of deluxe French chateaus.

Between the gilded chandeliers, silver candlesticks, and centuries-old tapestries, the atmosphere is like a seventeenth-century Versailles hall. Les Grands Buffets also has the title of the largest restaurant in France and can seat over six hundred guests. And mind you, this place is always packed.


For the fixed cost of 42.90 euros, you’ll feel like you have been invited to feast among sovereigns. The senses will go on hyper-drive with the massive options of stews and roasts and seafood and cheeses and ham. When you arrive, the staff will greet you warmly and take you to the table in one of five awesome dining areas.

The buffet is displayed in four main stations starting with the starters, rotisserie, cheeses, and desserts. There is the Hors-d’Oeuvres station, filled with crabs, antipasti, lobsters, and oysters, together with fois gras and a diverse and extensive charcuterie.

Every chafing dish houses a delicious creation, from breaded frogs’ legs to ratatouille to cuttlefish. The Les Grands Buffets’ pièce de résistance is none other than the rotisserie. You can ask the cooks below the tower whatever you love, and they’ll make the dishes to order, from lièvre à la royale to lobster thermidor.


And let’s not overlook the desserts. The pastry chefs are busy making over a hundred diverse desserts comprising éclairs, tarts Paris-Brest, and macarons. There’s also an ice cream parlor where you can locate a lot of various flavors. This buffet is certainly a must-try for anybody who desires the finer things in life.

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