The Best Fast Food Chains According To Top Chefs

The majority of individuals think that top chefs are the major food snobs. While it is at times factual, it is also sort of not, particularly since the majority of them just really like great food. And since good grub can be located everywhere, a few chefs aren’t extremely particular about where they eat, as long as they know that the food is excellent.

That’s why a few chefs also have their own preferred fast-food chains. What does it denote for the regular people? It denotes everyone else also gets to have some exquisite fast food dishes, as such fast food places are simply accessible and the complete opposite of pricey restaurants where notable dishes are typically offered.

If a chef likes a fast food item, it denotes you’ve simpler access to a delicious dish. And since it’s a fast-food item, you do not need to be anxious about the cost, making it an even more striking food choice.

What Are These Top Chef-Approved Chains?

Here’re some of the restaurant chains approved y chefs:

  • Chipotle:

Gramercy Tavern New York’s Danny Meyer has said he really treats himself with Chipotle once in a while. He gets the healthier items, salad with shredded cheese, spicy dressing, grilled chicken, extra cilantro, and pinto beans. Tyson Cole of Uchi+Uchiko also likes Chipotle a lot and is a big fan of the burrito bowl.

  • The Five Guys:

Not only did Heston Blumenthal of Fat Duck really like the Five Guy’s shakes and burgers, but he also praised the folks behind this brand for having an interest in food.

  • In-N-Out:

The well-known Wolfgang Puck likes it because you can get a burger with some lettuce leaves instead of buns, making the meal even healthier. London’s Chiltern Firehouse’s Nuno Mendez is also a huge fan of the burgers, while the Charlie Palmer Group’s Charlie Palmer really likes the Double-Double Animal-Style burger.

  • Arby’s:

Best Chef Champion Stephanie Izard really likes some Curly Fries from Arby’s and suggests it with some ranch dressing.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken:

London’s Gymkhana’s Karam Sethi might be best recognized for his fantastic skill in cooking and offering seafood, but he is also a fan of some finger-lickin’ fried chicken. His normal order is the Zinger Tower Burger.

Top Chefs: They are just like us! They, in fact, also like a little greasy grub, although they’ve better taste since they know good food from the not-so-good. So if you desire to get a very tasty fast food deal for dinner, go to one of the places mentioned here and feel better knowing that what you are eating is also liked and enjoyed by the different culinary experts.

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