The #1 Food To Avoid At A Buffet

When you are really hungry, going to the buffet seems like a great idea.

You can locate all types of food you can think of in a buffet like The Golden Corral or Bacchanal.

But there are some things you ought never to consume there, no matter what you might be led to believe.

The worst is fried foods. Have a glance at the following list of what not to consume in a buffet.

Caesar Salad:

Buffets can pose a few food safety hazards comprising food poisoning, particularly if you visit unreputable restaurants with dubious hygiene practices. And any food item in the buffet with lightly cooked or raw eggs is even riskier. The Caesar salad dressing makes use of lightly cooked or raw eggs, and you can run the risk of eating harmful bacteria.

Fried Foods:

As stated before, it’s the one thing you ought never to consume in a buffet. Fried foods, even in a classy restaurant buffet, are packed with calories and oil, and they do not really taste as great as what you would make at home (unless you do not know how to cook, that is!). Plus, such have perhaps been sitting out there for hours. And yes, fried veggies are also in this category. It is just not worth it.

Homemade Ice Cream:

Homemade ice cream has raw eggs as the ingredient, and if a buffet you are visiting doesn’t seem to have strict hygiene and sanitary guidelines, then you ought to evade this dessert. Otherwise, you can get sick.

Pasta Salad And Potato Salad:

Here are more cream-based dishes to stay away from. These might not be packed with saturated fat, but they bring a large amount of starch, and worse, they have dairy products, eggs, and mayo which spoil fast.

Fettuccine Alfredo:

Keep away from cream-based dishes which utilize fatty ingredients that have a lot of saturated fat.

Rice Pudding:

Rice pudding is another item that makes use of lightly cooked eggs. Inappropriately handled rice pudding puts you at risk of having a foodborne illness.


It is great you are trying to locate healthy dishes in the buffet, but sprouts host a lot of harmful bacteria. These are grown in a warm and wet environment, which is why they’re helpful to bacteria growth.

Pasta, Rolls, And Rice:

In a buffet, do not load up on starchy foods, or else you will not have much space left for the finer foods.


Tuna makes a tasty entree, but at the buffet, it spoils fast, putting you at risk of food poisoning. It’s also susceptible to scombrotoxin, which can cause cramps and headaches if not stored at the right temperature.


Who does not like sushi? I am personally a huge fan, but I evade eating sushi in buffets no matter the type of buffet. Sushi that has been on the buffet spread for half an hour can have some pretty bad bacteria, which can multiply really quickly. If sushi is kept on ice, then perhaps it is OK; otherwise, just avoid it.

Milkshakes, Soda, And Sugary Drinks:

Consuming a buffet denotes you are already eating a lot of calories. Do not make it worse by choosing sugary drinks. Choose water instead.