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Bake @ Home Frozen Breakfast Pizzas

Bake @ Home Sausage-Gravy9.2
Bake @ Home Sausage Pepper Onions9.2


Boneless Wings - 8 Piece9.46
Boneless Wings - 16 Piece17.16
Traditional Wings - 8 Piece11.46
Traditional Wings - 16 Piece20.81

Speciality Pizzas - Small

Bacon Cheeseburger10.11
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo10.42
Sweet Swine10.42
Tuscan Roma10.42

Ranch Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Wrap8.42

Chicken Boxes

8 Pieces Chicken Box14.78
10 Pieces Chicken Box16.78
12 Pieces Chicken Box19.78
16 Pieces Chicken Box24.91
20 Pieces Chicken Box29.87


5 Piece Chicken Tenders Box9.18
8 Piece Chicken Tenders Box13.9
12 Piece Chicken Tenders Box19.71
3 Piece Tender Dinner8.17
5 Piece Tender Dinner10.65

Our Specialty Pizzas

Roundup Pizza9.43
BBQ Chicken Pizza9.19
Texan Taco Pizza9.37
BLT Pizza9.09
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Pizza9.43
Tuscan Roma Pizza9.29
Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza9.29
Buffalo Chicken Pizza9.46
Sweet Swine Pizza9.29
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza9.29
Macaroni and Cheese Pizza9.43


Chicken Bacon Wrap7.87
Chicken Caesar Wrap7.88
BBQ Chicken Wrap7.88

Chicken Dinner

2 Pieces Chicken Dinner7.47
3 Pieces Chicken Dinner8.38
4 Pieces Chicken Dinner9.3

Create Your Own Pizzas

Create Your Own - Large13.64
Create Your Own - Small8.34
Create Your Own - Medium11.62
Create Your Own - Gluten Free11.19

Specialty Pizzas - Small

Roundup - Small9.84
Stampede - Small9.84
Texan Taco - Small9.83
Bronco - Small9.84
Prairie - Small9.84
Tuscan Roma - Small9.9
Bacon Cheeseburger - Small9.84
BBQ Chicken11.53
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Small9.84
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Small9.84
Buffalo Chicken11.14
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Small9.84
Sweet Swine - Small9.84
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Small9.84
Mac 'n Cheese - Small9.82
Macaroni & Cheese10.54

Specialty Pizzas - Medium

Roundup - Medium12.73
Stampede - Medium12.73
Texan Taco - Medium12.71
Bronco - Medium12.73
Mac 'n Cheese - Medium12.21
Prairie - Medium12.68
Tuscan Roma - Medium12.73
Bacon Cheeseburger - Medium12.74
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Medium12.74
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Medium12.74
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Medium12.74
Sweet Swine - Medium12.74
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Medium12.74

Popular Items

Cactus Bread6.73
Pepperoni - Large13.28
Pepperoni Pizza11.66
Chocolate Cactus Bread6.73
Fruit Dessert Pizza7.72
Blueberry Dessert7.75
Cheesy Ranch Stix5.75
Chicken Bacon Ranch11.99

Specialty Pizzas - Large

Roundup - Large14.74
Stampede - Large14.74
Texan Taco - Large14.73
Bronco - Large14.74
Prairie - Large14.74
Tuscan Roma - Large14.79
Bacon Cheeseburger - Large14.76
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Large14.76
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Large14.76
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Large14.76
Sweet Swine - Large14.76
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Large14.76
Mac 'n Cheese - Large14.21

Specialty Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza - Small9.47
Pepperoni Classic - Small9.42
Beef 'n Broccoli - Small11.85

Single Topping Pizzas - Small

Beef - Small7.66
Beef Pizza9.29
Pepperoni - Small7.66
Canadian Bacon - Small7.66
Canadian Bacon Pizza9.29
Canadian Bacon10.21
Italian Sausage10.21
Italian Sausage - Small7.66
Italian Sausage Pizza9.08
Cheese Pizza7.99
Cheese Pizza - Small8.36
Chicken Pizza7.74
Garlic Cheese Pizza7.99
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Small8.36
Chicken - Small7.58

Single Topping Pizzas

Cheese Pizza - Small.9.42
Beef Pizza - Small9.42
Pepperoni Pizza - Small.9.42
Canadian Bacon Pizza - Small9.03
Italian Sausage Pizza - Small9.42
Chicken Pizza - Small9.42
Garlic Cheese - Small9.42

Gluten-Sensitive Single Topping Pizzas

Gluten-Sensitive Beef Pizza13.94
Gluten-Sensitive Pepperoni Pizza13.94
Gluten-Sensitive Canadian Bacon Pizza13.43
Gluten-Sensitive Italian Sausage Pizza13.94
Gluten-Sensitive Chicken Pizza13.94
GS-Cheese Pizza13.94
GS-Garlic Cheese13.94

Single Topping Pizzas - Medium

Beef - Medium11.28
Pepperoni - Medium11.28
Canadian Bacon - Medium11.28
Italian Sausage - Medium11.28
Cheese Pizza - Medium11.63
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Medium11.63
Chicken - Medium11.23

Gluten-Sensitive Specialty Pizzas

GS-Cheese Pizza.13.94
GS-Garlic Cheese.13.94
GS-Pepperoni Classic13.94
GS-Bacon Cheeseburger16.14
GS-BBQ Chicken16.14
GS-Buffalo Chicken16.14
GS-Chicken Bacon Ranch16.14
GS-Chicken Broccoli Alfredo16.14
GS-Sweet Swine16.14
GS-Texan Taco16.14
GS-Create Your Own13.94

Single Topping Pizzas - Large

Beef - Large13.28
Canadian Bacon - Large13.28
Italian Sausage - Large13.28
Chicken - Large13.23
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Large13.65
Cheese Pizza - Large13.71


Pasta with Marinara Sauce - Single3.79
Pasta with Marinara Sauce - Family9.22
Pasta Dinner7.08

Dessert Pizzas

Cactus Bread - Small8.24
Cactus Bread - Medium10.44
Cactus Bread - Large12.64
Chocolate Chip Cookie8.24
Blueberry Dessert Pizza7.69
Cherry Dessert Pizza7.66
Apple Dessert - Small9.23
Blueberry Dessert - Small9.34
Apple Dessert - Medium11.43
Blueberry Dessert - Medium11.54
Apple Dessert - Large14.73
Blueberry Dessert - Large14.84
Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Dessert - Small9.19
Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Dessert - Medium11.39
Salted Caramel Apple Pecan Dessert - Large14.69
Cherry Dessert - Small9.28
Cherry Dessert - Medium11.48
Cherry Dessert - Large14.78

Desserts Pizza

Apple Fruit Dessert7.77
Peach Dessert7.75
Cherry Dessert7.74


Ranch Stix with Cheese - Small7.17
Garlic Bread3.99
Ranch Stix with Cheese - Medium10.44
Garlic Cheese Bread4.99
Ranch Stix3.9
Ranch Stix with Cheese - Large12.64
Hot Wings8.82


Mashed Potatoes & Gravy2.99
Mac and Cheese - Single3.77
Mac and Cheese - Family12.86
Chicken Fries4.99
Chicken Fries - Single6.63
Ranch Potato Wedges4.4
Mac and Cheese - Party22.76
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - Single3.72
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - Family9.07
Macaroni Salad2.99
Potato Salad2.99
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - Party17.04
Ranch Chips4.24
Green Beans2.98
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy2.97
Waffle Fries4.57


Garden Salad5.05
Chef Salad6.09
Thai Chicken Salad8.24
Chicken Fiesta Salad5.96
Taco Salad7.03

Dipping Sauces & Extras

Sour Cream0.25


20 oz soda2.23
2 Liter soda3.26

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