Old Country Buffet Prices

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and experience the warmth of home-cooked flavors at Old Country Buffet.

Step into a world of culinary tradition, where generous portions and affordable prices meet to create an unforgettable dining experience. Indulge in an abundant spread of comfort foods, hearty entrees, and irresistible desserts at Old Country Buffet, where every bite takes you back to simpler times.

Discover the unbeatable value of Old Country Buffet Prices, where satisfying your appetite doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Immerse yourself in a feast of flavors that pays homage to cherished recipes and classic dishes. At Old Country Buffet, the combination of heartwarming food and wallet-friendly prices creates a dining experience that truly feels like home. Come and experience the timeless charm of Old Country Buffet, where the memories are as bountiful as the menu.

All-you-can-eat restaurants actually have two faces: one provides great magnificence through the finest and abundant food options, while the other provides practicality by providing a lot of food with incredible value. Among the top examples of the latter is actually the Old Country Buffet.

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Old Country Buffet Prices in 2023 Updated:



Saturday and Sunday Until 11 am

Adult – Breakfast Price$7.99
Senior – Breakfast Price$7.49
Beverage – Breakfast Price$2.49
Kids (2-3 Years Old) – Breakfast Price$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old) – Breakfast Price$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old) – Breakfast Price$5.99


Monday – Saturday Until 3:30 pm

Adult – Lunch Price$8.59
Senior – Lunch Price$7.99
Beverage – Lunch Price$2.49
Kids (2-3 Years Old) – Lunch Price$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old) – Lunch Price$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old) – Lunch Price$5.99


Every Night

Adult – Dinner Price$11.99
Senior – Dinner Price$11.49
Beverage – Dinner Price$2.49
Kids (2-3 Years Old) – Dinner Price$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old) – Dinner Price$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old) – Dinner Price$6.49

Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from Golden Corral located at 2155 Riverside Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. They may not cover recent price changes. Contact the restaurant directly to get the latest prices and updates.


This restaurant was started by Roe Hatlen and C. Dennis Scott, two experts of the restaurant business, back in 1984. The Old Country Buffet really made the mark as one of the top successful buffet restaurant chains in history. In the heyday, they had more than three hundred locations all across the United States, particularly after they merged with the Hometown Buffet.

As the name of it may suggest, the Old Country Buffet is actually all about American dining. They featured not only the well-known dishes but well-loved dishes, as well. It permitted them to draw in many crowds by providing fantastic value, having a friendly ambiance, and being extremely family-friendly.

Over the years, this place really stayed true to what individuals liked about it. It is still an excellent place to head to if you desire to stuff yourself silly with the classic American comfort food and cuisine. Since it is reasonably priced, families and groups do not need to shy away from it. It can be a fantastic place for get-togethers and celebrations on different special occasions as it would not hurt your wallet even if you eat a lot of food here.

For more details about the Old Country Buffet, please go to the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Old Country Buffet:

How Much Is Breakfast For Seniors At Old Country Buffet?

For the seniors, the cost of breakfast is around 7.49 dollars per person.

How Much Does Lunch Cost At Old Country Buffet?

The lunch price for adults is around 8.59 dollars per person. For the seniors, the lunch price is around 7.99 dollars per person.

What Is Old Country Buffet Really Known For?

The Old Country Buffet provides a broad choice of healthy and fresh American staple foods. Here, you can really have a few of the most loved dishes the individuals have learned to like throughout the years.

What Time Does Dinner Begin At Old Country Buffet?

You can have dinner after 3:30 pm at the Old Country Buffet.

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