Craving a hearty meal without breaking the bank?

Golden Corral’s pricing options are here to save the day. 

With prices starting at around $7 for lunch and $14 for dinner, your appetite and wallet will both be satisfied. 

Dive into delectable dishes like golden-fried chicken and indulge in an all-you-can-eat experience. 

From just $10.55 to approximately $11.49 per person, Golden Corral ensures your taste buds are tantalized without stretching your budget. 

Don’t miss out on the mouthwatering menu and generous hours of operation. 

Explore the pricing range of around $10 – $12 for lunch and about $13.49 for a fulfilling feast. Your affordable dining adventure awaits at Golden Corral!



Menu ItemsMenu Prices
Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11am)$12.99*

Lunch – Beverage Not Included

Item ListPrices
Monday – Friday (10:45 – 4pm)$11.49*
Monday – Friday (10:45 – 4 pm)$11.49*


Beverage Not Included

Item ListMenu Cost
Monday – Saturday (After 4pm)$16.99*
Sunday (After 11am)$16.99*


Breakfast & Lunch – Includes Beverage

Item ListMenu Prices
3 & Under – Limit 2 Free Meals per Adult Purchase$0.00
Ages 4-8$8.99*
Ages 9-12$9.99*

Dinner – Includes Beverage

Menu ItemsMenu Price
3 & Under – Limit 2 Free Meals per Adult Purchase$0.00
Ages 4-8$10.49
Ages 9-12$11.49


By The Pound (Weight & Pay)

Menu ItemsPrices
Lunch (Monday – Friday)$6.99/lb
Dinner (Monday – Friday & all day)$8.99/lb
Dinner (Saturday & Sunday)$8.99/lb



Menu Items ListCost
Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11am)$12.49*

Lunch – Beverage Not Included

Menu ItemsPrices
Monday – Friday (10:45 – 4pm)$10.99*
Saturday (After 11am)$10.99*


Beverage Not Included

Menu ItemsMonday – Saturday (After 4 pm)
Monday – Saturday (After 4pm)$15.99*
Sunday (After 11am)$15.99*


Includes Beverage

Menu ItemsCosts
Monday – Friday (11 am – 3 pm)$9.99*

Golden Corral As A popular Buffet-Style Restaurant Chain:

Welcome to the tempting world of Golden Corral, a famous buffet-style restaurant chain that has captured the hearts and palates of food lovers nationwide. 

With its irresistible mixture of diverse menu offerings and a family-friendly and warm atmosphere, Golden Corral stands as a go-to place for those looking for an unforgettable dining experience.

At Golden Corral, the possibilities are endless as you begin a culinary journey like no other. 

Whether you are craving breakfast favorites, delicious lunch specials, or indulgent dinner delights, this beloved chain has something to satisfy each appetite.

But what truly sets Golden Corral apart is its commitment to offering a diverse menu that caters to an extensive range of preferences and tastes. 

From delicious American classics to international cuisines, every dish is prudently crafted for delivering a tantalizing mixture of flavors and aromas.

Step inside a Golden Corral establishment, and you will immediately be enveloped by an inviting and warm ambiance, ideal for enjoying a meal with loved ones or gathering with friends. 

The family-friendly atmosphere guarantees that everybody, from the youngest to the oldest members, feels comfortable and welcome.

So, whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast to kickstart the day, a satisfying lunchtime feast, or a memorable dining experience, Golden Corral awaits open doors and a range of enticing culinary delights. 

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Golden Corral, where variety, taste, and a welcoming atmosphere unite to create memorable dining memories.

How Much Is Golden Corral For Adults?

The History Of Golden Corral:

Golden Corral has a remarkable history that spans numerous decades, characterized by its dedication to offering excellent dining experiences. 

Let’s take a journey through time and explore the milestones and roots of this popular buffet-style restaurant chain:

Tracing Its Roots And Milestones:

Golden Corral was founded by James Maynard and William F. Carl back in 1973 as a small, family-owned steakhouse in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The founders envisioned an eatery that would provide friendly service, high-quality food, and a welcoming atmosphere for friends and families to enjoy.

Golden Corral rapidly gained popularity, and by the late 1970s, it had expanded into a restaurant chain, introducing the concept of the buffet-style dining experience.

Expansion And Growth Of The Chain:

Golden Corral’s commitment to satisfying customers’ appetites and excellence contributed to its fast growth and establishment as a prominent presence across the US.

With the success of the first locations, Golden Corral embarked on a strategic expansion plan, opening new eateries in numerous states.

The chain’s popularity soared as it gained a standing for providing an extensive selection of tasty dishes at reasonable prices.

Golden Corral’s expansion efforts concentrated on bringing its family-friendly atmosphere and diverse menu to communities nationwide, ensuring availability to a broader audience.

The Company’s Commitment To Quality And Community:

Golden Corral’s success isn’t just attributed to its delicious food but also its unwavering dedication to offering quality dining experiences and giving back to the communities it serves:

Offering Quality Dining Experiences:

Golden Corral places a strong emphasis on offering high-quality meals by maintaining cleanliness, sourcing fresh ingredients, and following rigorous standards.

The chain continuously refines its menu items to cater to changing preferences and tastes, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for guests of all ages.

Contributing To The Communities, It Serves:

Golden Corral is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where its eateries are situated.

The brand actively sponsors local events, supports numerous charitable initiatives, and partners with organizations that concentrate on community welfare and development.

Through its long history, unwavering commitment to community and quality, and steady growth, Golden Corral has established itself as a much-loved dining spot, providing an extensive variety of tasty dishes in an inviting and warm atmosphere.

Signature Dishes At Golden Corral:

Golden Corral takes pride in its diverse menu, providing an enticing array of signature dishes that have become favorites among its customers. 

Let’s explore a few of the delectable options that await you at Golden Corral:

Grilled Delights And Savory Steaks:

Sink your teeth into succulent, perfectly cooked steaks grilled to your preferred level of tenderness. 

Indulge in juicy cuts of tender sirloin, prime rib, or flavorful grilled chicken seasoned to perfection.

Flavorful International Cuisines:

Begin a global culinary adventure with Golden Corral’s range of international cuisines. 

Savor the aromatic spices of Asian-inspired stir-fries, discover the vibrant flavors of Mexican dishes, or sample the hearty and rich flavors of Italian pasta dishes. 

The international menu offerings provide a wonderful fusion of flavors to suit numerous palates.

Delectable Desserts:

Golden Corral is famous for its delicious dessert offerings. 

Treat yourself to a slice of creamy, dreamy cheesecake, savor a luscious slice of pie bursting with fruity goodness, or indulge in a freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookie. 

The dessert choices are sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth.

Renowned Buffet Items:

The heart and soul of Golden Corral lie in its wide buffet, showcasing an impressive range of dishes. 

From comforting classics such as pot roast and fried chicken to beloved favorites such as mac and cheese and flavorful soups, the buffet spread provides something for everybody.

Golden Corral places a strong emphasis on variety, freshness, and customization choices to cater to different tastes. 

Whether you prefer international flavors, a mouthwatering dessert, a hearty steak, or the bountiful options from the buffet, Golden Corral guarantees that every dish is prepared with care and attention to detail.

Additionally, Golden Corral provides customization choices, permitting you to create your own masterpiece. 

Append your favorite toppings to a loaded baked potato, build a fresh salad with a range of ingredients, or pick from a variety of condiments and sauces for elevating the meal to new heights.

With its impressive range of signature dishes, Golden Corral assures a dining experience filled with flavors that’ll leave you craving for more. 

Whether you are seeking international delights, comfort food, or a sweet finale to the meal, Golden Corral has the ideal dish for satisfying your cravings and creating lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Are The Prices At Golden Corral For Adults?

The prices at Golden Corral for adults can differ depending on the time of day and location. 

Usually, for lunch, the prices range from about 10 dollars to 12 dollars per person. For dinner, the prices can range from 15 dollars to 20 dollars per person.

Q: Are Beverages Included In The Golden Corral Pricing?

Golden Corral’s pricing for adults usually doesn’t include drinks. However, they might provide drink choices separately or as part of certain meal packages. 

It is advisable to check with the local Golden Corral restaurant for particular pricing details.

Q: What Are The Dining Hours At Golden Corral?

Golden Corral’s dining hours might differ by location. Usually, they serve lunch, breakfast, and dinner, with particular times for every meal period. 

It is suggested to check the operating hours of the local Golden Corral restaurant for planning your visit accordingly.

Q: Are There Special Pricing Choices For Seniors At Golden Corral?

Yes, Golden Corral provides special pricing choices for seniors (60 years and over). 

They usually have discounted prices for lunch, breakfast, and dinner for senior patrons. Drink inclusions might differ, so it is best to inquire at the local Golden Corral.

Q: Are There Vegetarian Or Vegan Choices Available At Golden Corral?

Golden Corral strives to provide various options to cater to diverse dietary preferences. 

While they might have vegan and vegetarian dishes accessible, the accessibility and selection can differ by location. It is advisable to check with the local Golden Corral for particular options.

Q: Does Golden Corral Offer Fried Chicken?

Yes, Golden Corral is renowned for its tasty fried chicken. The buffet spread frequently comprises flavorful and crispy fried chicken as one of the well-liked menu items.

Q: Can I Order Golden Corral’s Menu Offerings To-Go?

Yes, Golden Corral offers a to-go choice for patrons who want to enjoy their meals at home. 

They might provide the option to order particular menu offerings or create a customized to-go meal. It is suggested to contact the local Golden Corral for information on their to-go services.


In conclusion, Golden Corral stands as a much-loved buffet-style restaurant chain that provides a tempting mixture of affordability, a family-friendly atmosphere, and diverse menu choices. 

Throughout this guide, I have explored the main aspects that make Golden Corral a go-to place for food lovers.

With its reasonable pricing, Golden Corral caters to a wide variety of budgets, making it a perfect option for families and individuals alike. 

The wide menu boasts various mouthwatering dishes, from international cuisines and savory steaks to renowned buffet items and delicious desserts. There is truly something to satisfy each palate.

Furthermore, the rich history of Golden Corral showcases its growth and commitment to offering quality dining experiences. 

From its humble start to establishing a strong presence across the US, Golden Corral has become a valued name in the restaurant industry.

I encourage you to go to Golden Corral and indulge in the delicious offerings that await. 

Whether you are looking for a delightful dessert, a hearty meal, or an unforgettable dining experience, Golden Corral promises to exceed your expectations. 

Embrace the buffet-style abundance, savor the various flavors, and make lasting memories at Golden Corral.

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