Sure, you can visit Wicked Spoon in Vegas, Nevada, for an awesome buffet. But if you are living in California (and particularly in Los Angeles), then you do not really need to go that far for a great buffet experience. Here are a few buffet-style restaurants that you can go to instead:

Great Plaza Buffet, San Diego, CA:

There are frequently more than 150 diverse dishes here to try, though it seems you even have more choices than that.

Almost everything appears to be available, beginning from appetizers all the way to desserts. The variety of caries, from pizza to sushi, so there is bound to be something you really want. A few groups comprising seniors might also enjoy a few discounts.

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M Grill, Los Angeles, CA:

If you are in a Korean town and you want some buffet, it’s where you have to go. You will locate many meat choices, and you will not need to disburse a lot with their Brazilian-style meat on sticks. Call beforehand if you are in desire seafood, and they will prepare salmon for the entrée. Of course, there is also a salad bar as well.

Hibachi City Buffet, Palm Desert, CA:

If you are searching for a buffet lunch, then check if you are near the Hibachi City Buffet. It specializes in many diverse Asian-influenced dishes, and they also have a Mongolian grill. You do not need to just consume there, either, as you can simply weigh the food you desire and consume them to go.

Choices, The Buffet At Pala Casino Spa Resort, Pala, CA:

This spot is aptly named since you are likely to locate more than two hundred diverse cold and hot food choices here. The choices usually comprise Asian, Mexican, and Italian cuisines, together with numerous American favorites. Come here with your friends, and simply enjoy. Choices can actually handle up to 625 guests at a time.

La Paz, Calabasas, CA:

On Fridays, this place is full of individuals who work in the nearby areas since the lunch buffet for that day is all-you-can-eat, and the cost is ridiculously reasonable. On Sundays, it is more of a family place. Many families visit this place for Sunday brunch.

You will get breakfast staples like pancakes and omelets, but there are also many Mexican dishes available (comprising seafood).

Dekkadance, Los Angeles, CA:

First, visit downtown LA, then locate the Intercontinental Hotel. You will locate Dekkadance inside, where there is a bit of something for almost everybody. You get many hot foods together with lots of desserts and seafood, to go with that amazing view of the city.

Everything’s amazing here, and they actually set a high standard for others in town.

Fiery Hot Pot Buffet, San Francisco, CA:

They are just open from Tue-Sun, so it seems they are like the Boomtown Rats; they do not like Mondays, either. But then again, they provide an all-you-can-eat buffet from 5 PM to 9 PM on the days they are open. Take out option is also available, but you might need to wait up to two hours for a few dishes since they might be made to order.

So, it might be better for you to consume and enjoy even while you are waiting.

Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine, Los Angeles, CA:

Los Angeles sure is diverse, as you may not find a lot of other cities with many Ethiopian restaurants. What makes it diverse is that it is not only Ethiopian but vegan as well.

That is not actually a common pairing, even in Los Angeles. You will locate the buffet served here daily. But on Sundays, they also provide a glass of Ethiopian kombucha, so your food goes down even more nicely.