Golden Corral Buffet Menu

Have you ever visited a Golden Corral restaurant? Go to the local Golden Corral location if you have not yet. It’s the number one buffet restaurant in America, and you can locate the Golden Corral Hours and Menu.

Golden Corral has an extensive range of best-quality food items prepared fresh each time you order. There are a lot of choices accessible, comprising family and seasonal meals, dinner, breakfast, and even holiday food.

Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Menu (2022):

The legendary Golden Corral breakfast buffet will get you started in the morning. It comprises eggs prepared to order, crispy waffles, and buttermilk pancakes. At the omelet station, you can prepare breakfast. The Golden Corral price is accessible.

Check The Breakfast Variety:

  • Fresh Eggs
  • Diced Ham
  • Bacon Bits

Omelet station: Diced onion, Bacon bits, Diced Ham, Fresh Eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, mushrooms, green pepper, and sausage crumbles.

Guides about:

Hot Breakfast:

Grilled corned beef hash Sugar-free syrup
Creamed chipped beef Strawberry topping
Carved Ham Sautéed mushrooms
Scrambled eggs Breakfast casserole
Sausage links Cheese sauce
Bacon Home-style pancakes
Sausage patties Texas toast
Sausage gravy Buttermilk biscuits
Blueberry pancake Cinnamon rolls
French toast Golden waffles
Skillet hash brown  


Cold Breakfast:

Watermelon Whipped cream
Orange juice Strawberry
Apple juice Honey margarine
Cranberry juice Whipped margarine
Milk Assorted donuts
Grapefruit Bananas


Golden Corral Lunch Buffet Menu:

Many lunch buffet menus are accessible here. Make a customized menu and order.

Baked fish Pot roast
Fish sticks Pot pie
Fried fish Featured pork entrée
Fried chicken Pizzas
Meatloaf Burbon street chicken
Steakburger Bar


The hot lunch sides, such as fried ravioli, Italian pasta bake, Refried beans, Mexican rice, Yeast rolls with honey butter, home-style stuffing, etc., are also available.

Buffet Menu

Golden Corral Dinner Buffet Menu:

Enjoy a perfectly cooked dinner from the Golden Corral. Checkout your favorites:

Fried chicken Chicken and noddle dumplings
Golden delicious shrimp Signature sirloin steak
Pizzas Burbon street chicken
Fried fish Featured pork entrée
Grilled or baked fish Awesome pot roast

Hot Dinner Sides:

Refried beans Sweet corn pudding
Sweet corn pudding Cinnamon apples
Mexican rice Baked potato bar with toppings
Mashed potatoes & gravy Italian pasta bake
Home-style stuffing Rice
Scalloped potatoes Fried ravioli
Macaroni + cheese Soup
Yeast rolls with honey butter


Salad Bar And Dressing:

People’s choice of everyday prepared fresh salad is accessible here. Order your favorites:

Meat Crackers
Fresh fruit Cheeses
Fresh veggies salad Additional toppings also accessible
Seafood salad


Golden Corral Dinner Hours:

The usual time for serving dinner at the different Golden Corral locations is from 4 pm to close. But it might differ in diverse locations.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Where’s The Largest Golden Corral?

Branson’s Golden Corral Buffet is the biggest one in the world, with a +650 seating capacity.

Q: Can I Order Online From Golden Corral?

The online order option is accessible if you desire to enjoy your favorite food item at home.

Q: How Much Does Golden Corral Actually Cost?

Golden Corral’s breakfast cost 8.69 dollars. The Golden Corral lunch buffet cost 9.95 dollars per adult. Dinner starts at 4 pm every day of the week. You’ll be charged the amount of 11.99 dollars as well as 2.19 dollars for the drinks.

Q: How Many Golden Corral Locations Are There?

The brand has since expanded to around five hundred locations across the US; around a hundred are company-owned, and the others are franchised locations.