Golden Corral Allergen Menu

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Golden Corral Allergen Menu:

The ingredients on the Golden Corral buffets can differ often and comprise a few of the most common food allergens, consisting of some tree nut species, peanuts, whey, shellfish, eggs, gluten/wheat, soy, and dairy.

You can talk to the restaurant manager if you’ve got any questions about these ingredients. Golden Corral can’t assure the accuracy of the ingredient details or the probability that an ingredient might be transferred across items because of the handcrafted ingredients utilized in the dishes.

The extensive range of processes utilized in the grills and kitchens, its dependence on the supplier, and the service-oriented element that the buffets provide. Moreover, they disclaim any liability for the data’s accuracy.

Golden Corral Allergen Menu
Golden Corral Allergen Menu

What Are The 14 Main Golden Corral Allergen Menu?

Tree nuts


Sulfur dioxide & sulfites






Cereals containing gluten






Digital Golden Corral allergen menus available on the internet have changed the food industry by allowing patrons to make knowledgeable judgments about their meal choices without having to reach a staff member, which can be a bit scary.

Digitalization has changed each aspect of dining out, from reserving the table to checking out the menu to placing your order to disbursing with a phone. For restaurants that have not yet gone digital, it’s an awesome chance to publish their golden corral allergy menu online.

Golden Corral Allergen Menu 2023:


Serving Size (g/pc)


Calories From Fat

Total Fat (g)

Saturated fat (g)

Trans Fat (g)

Sodium (mg)

Sugars (g)


Beef, BBQ3120455250
Beef, Brisket, Smoked320013014650
Broccoli and Rice CasseroleM,S,W1130506251
Chicken Pot Pie, MiniE,M,S,W1400200238403
Chicken, ParmesanM,S,W1240100124401
Enchiladas, BeefM,S,W1210100114401
Fish, Baked with Piccata SauceF,M,S315090103301
Fish, Salmon LemonataF,M,S313090103251
Gravy, PoultryM,W220
Macaroni and Cheese, ScratchE,M,S,W1240130148351
Pork Chops, Southern StyleE,S,W324015017675
Sandwich, Chicken BuffaloE,M,S,W121090102301


Bread, Banana NutE,T,W1190354151
Cobbler, AppleW1150455251
Cake, Chocolate with CherriesE,M,S,W123090103101
Cookie, Chocolate ChipE,M,S,W1602531
Ice Cream, Butter PecanM,T1150809425
Pie, CherryE,S,W1320120136102


Burrito, Breakfast Chorizo and EggE,M,S,W13501902181151
French Toast, Strawberry CheesecakeE,M,W121080951001
Pancakes, BlueberryE,M,S,W1804041101
Potatoes, Hashbrown SkilletE,M,S,W12201701942


Soup, Broccoli CheeseM,S119011012735
Soup, Cajun Chicken170101101
Soup, TomatoM,W11703042101


Beverage, Green Tea with Peach12120
Beverage, Tropicana Fruit Punch12160

Golden Corral Allergen Ingredients:

Hot Buffet:

Apple, Escalloped Has Soy, Milk, and Wheat.Beans, Machaca Has Soy.Beef, Teriyaki Has Soy, Wheat.
Bean, Green Casserole Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.Beans, Pinto Seasoned Contains Soy, Wheat.Beef, Taco Meat Scratch Contains Wheat.
Carrots, Baby Steamed Contains Milk, SoyBeef, Brisket, SmokedBeef, Salisbury Steak Contains Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat.
Asparagus Contains Milk, Soy.Beef, BBQBeef, Roast Carved Contains Soy, Wheat.
Beans, Green Fresh Steamed Contains Milk, Soy.Beans, Pinto Southern StyleBroccoli, Steamed
Beans, Lima Baby Steamed Contains Milk, Soy.Beans, RefriedBroccoli and Rice Casserole Contains Milk, Soy, Wheat.
Beans, Green Contains Soy, Wheat.Beef, Machaca Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.Beef, Tips Marinated Sirloin Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.
Beans, Asian Green Contains Soy, Tree nuts, Wheat.Beef, London Broil Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.Beef, Tips Marinated Chuck Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.
Beans, Lima Kettle CookedBeef, Creamed Chipped Contains Milk, Wheat.Carrot, Soufflé Contains Egg, Soy, and Wheat.
Beans, Northern Seasoned Contains Soy, Wheat.Beef, Carne Guisada Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.Cabbage, Kettle Cooked Contains Soy, Wheat.
Beans, BBQ BakedBeef, Pot Roast Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.Brussels Sprouts, Steamed Contains Milk, Soy.
Beans, Lima Southern StyleBeef, Pot Pie Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.Brussels Sprouts in Sauce Contains Milk, Soy.
Beans, Northern Southern StyleBeef, Oriental Pepper Contains Soy, Wheat.Beef, Mongolian Contains Soy, Wheat.
Beans, Ranch Style Contains Soy.  

Salad Buffet:

BananasCantaloupeCheese, Cottage Contains Milk.
Bacon Bits, RealBroccoli, Florets ColdCheese, Blue Crumbles Contains Milk.
Artichoke HeartsBlueberriesCelery, Sticks Raw
AppleBeets, Pickled ColdCauliflower, Raw
Beets, ColdCarrots, Shredded ColdCheese, Shredded Mozzarella Contains Milk.
Beans, Lima ColdCarrots, Juliennned, RawCheese, Parmesan Shredded Contains Milk.
Beans, Kidney ColdCarrots, JulienneCheese, Shredded Cheddar Contains Milk.
Beans, GarbanzoCarrots, Baby RawCheese, Pepperjack Contains Milk.


Bakery And Desserts:

Bars, Checkerboard Contains Egg, Milk, Peanut, Soy, Wheat.
Bars, German Chocolate Crisp Contains Milk, Soy, Tree nu
Bars, Checkerboard Trans Fat-Free Contains Egg, Milk, Peanut, Soy, Wheat.


Breakfast Buffet:

Beef, Corned Beef HashBacon, Candied
Bacon, Thick CutBacon
Bacon, Down Home Fried Contains Soy, Wheat.Apple Sauce


Hot Soups And Potato:

Crackers, Captain’s Wafers Contains Wheat.Soup, Clam Chowder Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.
Margarine Contains Soy.Potatoes, Baked
Soup, White Bean and Ham Contain Soy, Wheat.Soup, Chicken Noodle Contains Egg, Soy, and Wheat.
Crackers, Oyster Contains Wheat.Soup, Green Chili Stew
Margarine, Trans Fat-Free Contains Soy.Soup, Vegetable Beef Contains Soy, Wheat.
Soup, Broccoli Cheese Contains Milk, Soy.Soup, Chili Contains Soy, Wheat.
Crackers, Saltines Contains Wheat.Soup, Potato with Bacon Contains Milk, Soy, and Wheat.
Pork Posole Contains Soy.Soup, Tomato Contains Milk, Wheat.
Soup, Cajun Chicken


Golden Corral Allergen Statement | Allergy Info:

We frequently differ the ingredients in the buffet choices, and such items might have common food allergens comprising peanuts, other tree nuts, shellfish, seafood, wheat/gluten, whey, dairy, eggs, and soy.

Allergen Menu

Name Allergen Statement (Big Eight Allergens) Alfredo Sauce Contains:

Name Allergen Declaration (“Big 8 Allergens”) has Soy, Milk, and Wheat in Alfredo Sauce. Cobbler with apples has wheat. Tree nuts are there in sliced almonds. Apple Turnover is prepared with soy, wheat, and eggs. Fruit Topping of Apples Apple pie has soy, wheat, and eggs. Hearts of Artichoke Asian Beef has Soy and Wheat. Escalloped, soy, cut apples with milk, and wheat.

Buffet Menu | Golden Corral Buffet Restaurants:

Sunday after 11 am; Mon to Sat after 4 pm. Seafood Salad is one of the Manger’s Choice every day featuring made salads. Begin your day off right with the well-liked breakfast buffet, which comprises cooked-to-order eggs, bacon, omelets, buttermilk pancakes, sausage, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon buns, crispy waffles, and a lot more.

Dietary And Nutritional Options:

Golden Corral believes that everybody has the right to consume what they desire or maybe even what they require. The nearly 150-food item buffet, which comprises choices for almost any diet, from potatoes and meat to plant-based diets, assists you in staying within the health goals and feeling fulfilled after the meal.

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Golden Corral Menu Prices (Updated) | Enjoy Endless Buffets:

Allergen Menu at Golden Corral, each item on the Golden Corral Buffet Menu, is frequently changed, so, understandably, the common allergens comprising tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, shellfish, soy, and dairy will occasionally be utilized. If you’ve any questions about the ingredients used, you can talk to the managers.

Golden Corral’s gluten-free menu – No Gluten:

The complete gluten-free menu for Golden Corral is accessible. The Golden Corral buffet has around 150 food items, a lot of which are gluten-free and appropriate for various diets. A lot of them, though, are meat options. It is also vital to be aware that because of the buffet-style dining arrangement, there might be cross-contamination.

Golden Corral Allergen Menu 2022

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Can You Order at Golden Corral Online?

From the Golden Corral menu, you can put an online order. Simply go to the Golden Corral official site and make use of the online ordering option to do that. You can then enter your present location to check the menu of the Golden Corral location near you.

Q: Is Golden Corral Buffet Gluten Free?

For the previous forty-five years, Golden Corral has been creating and enhancing its buffet. Individuals with gluten intolerances can piece together their perfect meal thanks to the a la carte side of their menu. Speak with the manager about the allergen menu when you visit so you can check every item you see.

Q: How Much Is The Kid’s Buffet At Golden Corral?

The prices of the Golden Corral kid’s buffet vary depending on the kid’s age. For kids aged four to eight, the breakfast buffet charges about six dollars; for those aged nine to twelve, it costs around seven dollars.

Q: What Type Of Food Does Golden Corral Offer?

Meals such as pizza, fried chicken, sirloin steaks, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, rotisserie chicken, and pot roast are among the All-American fare that makes up most of the Golden Corral menu. The restaurant has an excellent reputation for offering tasty food.

That is all there’s to know about the Golden Corral allergen menu. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading it.