Getting VIP Treatment At Restaurants

Yes, certainly, VIP treatment is as genuine as it gets, but, unluckily, you almost certainly are not getting that! It’s the unfortunate truth for a lot of us who are not in the top one percent of the population, from A-list Hollywood celebrities to Fortune 500 moguls.

The VIP treatment will also vary between restaurants, from casual to fine-dining restaurants. But you’ll be astonished by the types of individuals that restaurants contemplate as VIPs! Yes, you’ll see the likes of investors and rich tycoons, famous socialites and celebrities, and food world elites being given the VIP treatment.

But there are also comparatively average Joes and Janes that the managers, chefs, and staff desire to keep around and, thus, they give some VIP treatment, while a lot are also new consumers. Nope, your odds of being treated like a VIP guest will not boost when you flash cash or dress like a million dollars, either.

You would not get it, too, if you actually ask for it, much less if you act like a rich asshole or not. So, how can you get VIP treatment at the likes of VIP restaurants where each customer is treated like a cherished individual? Here are some things to know.

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Do Not Be Mean:

It’s an obvious tip because respect begets respect. You ought to then be respectful, courteous, and friendly, say thank you, good morning, and please, whenever suitable, toward the restaurant employees no matter their position.

You’ll discover that such seemingly small gestures make a huge difference when it comes to the service! That’s because the restaurant employees are people, too, and they value acts of generosity and kindness toward them, no matter how small such might be. Besides, a positive attitude will make the overall dining experience even more pleasant.

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Do Sit At The Bar:

But do not just sit at the bar either. You need to order and consume as if you are seated in front of some table, and you must tip the employee as if you’re dining in such a manner, too! You should not simply order a single drink, sip it for about an hour and then run off without leaving any tip for the bartender.

There are also great reasons for sitting at the bar. First, you’ll possibly get a seat with a near-impossible reservation system or in a fully-booked restaurant. You do not need to book a seat at a bar, although you might discover that it might not be a perfect spot for a romantic date.

Second, you’ll discover that the bartenders are more willing to help, so you can simply make a friend or two in that area. You can even build a personal connection with them! Just be certain to leave a tip, say twenty percent, so you’ll be remembered and given the VIP treatment each time you come for a meal and a drink.

And speaking of reservations, you need to make one and, in fact, show up at least fifteen minutes before the appointed time. You ought to also stop pressuring the small stuff since the overall dining experience is about, well, the big picture. You also have to try to memorize the names of the bartenders and/or servers because it builds a personal connection.

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