Ignite your taste buds with an unforgettable culinary journey at Fogo de Chão.

Prepare to experience a dining extravaganza like no other, where the sizzle of succulent meats and the warmth of Brazilian hospitality await you. Delight in the flavors of Fogo de Chão as you indulge in a feast that showcases the art of churrasco-style grilling.

But that’s not all—what truly sets Fogo de Chão apart is its commitment to offering exceptional quality at competitive prices. Discover a dining experience that combines gastronomic excellence with reasonable pricing. At Fogo de Chão, you can savor the finest cuts of meat and an array of gourmet dishes without the burden of exorbitant fees.

Unleash your inner epicurean and experience the perfect harmony of taste, value, and hospitality at Fogo de Chão. Delight in the flavors, embrace the atmosphere and indulge in a culinary adventure where prices are as tantalizing as the cuisine itself.

If you desire to learn more about Fogo de Chao or for finding a location close to you, please go to their official website at fogodechao.com.

Fogo de Chão Prices:

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Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from Golden Corral located at 2155 Riverside Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043. They may not cover recent price changes. Contact the restaurant directly to get the latest prices and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fogo de Chão:

How Much Does Full Churrasco Experience Cost At Fogo de Chao?

The full Churrasco experience at Fogo de Chao comprises Market Table and Feijoada Bar for Lunch. It all actually costs around 40.95 dollars and is available on the weekdays.

How Much Is Mango Chilean Sea Bass à la carte At Fogo de Chao?

You can get Mango Chilean Sea Bass à la carte at Fogo de Chao on a weekday, lunch for about 27.95 dollars, and on a weekday, dinner you can get it for around 39.95 dollars. The Mango Chilean Sea Bass à la carte on the weekend, brunch is available for about 39.95 dollars, and on the weekend, dinner, you can get it for about 39.95 dollars.

What Time Does Happy Hour Begin At Fogo de Chao?

The happy hours at Fogo de Chao are from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

How Much Are Brazilian Bites During The Happy Hour?

You can get the Brazilian Bites during the happy hours for about 4.00 dollars.

What Are The Happy Hour Specials At Fogo de Chao?

The Brazilian Bites and the Brazilian Beers at Fogo de Chao are available for around 4.00 dollars each. You can get the South American Wines here at Fogo de Chao for about 6.00 dollars. The Brazilian Inspired Cocktails cost around 8.00 dollars.

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