Chowking Menu PHILIPPINES (Updated in 2023)

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Prepare to be captivated by the rich flavors and authentic Filipino cuisine offered by Chowking, a beloved name in the hearts of food lovers across the nation.

With an extensive menu that caters to every craving, Chowking Menu Philippines is your gateway to a world of delectable choices. From savory classics like their famous Chao Fan and delectable Siopao to satisfying noodle dishes and delightful desserts, Chowking has something to tantalize every taste bud.

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Chinese Rice Meals

Menu ListMenu Prices
Chick ‘n Sauce₱ 106.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken₱ 106.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken w/ Wonton Soup₱ 144.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork₱ 123.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Fish₱ 129.00
Salt & Pepper Pork₱ 123.00
1pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 88.00
1pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken with Egg Fried Rice₱ 103.00
2pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 168.00
Pork Chao Fan w/ Fried Chicken₱ 134.00
Beef Chao Fan w/ Fried Chicken₱ 157.00
Salt & Pepper Pork w/ 3pc. Dimsum₱ 162.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork w/ 3pc. Dimsum₱ 162.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Meal₱ 56.00
Chopsuey₱ 123.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Wonton Mami₱ 66.00
Siomai Mami (Pork Siomai)₱ 90.00
Siomai Mami (Beef Siomai)₱ 90.00
Beef Mami₱ 162.00
Beef Wonton Mami₱ 174.00
Lomi₱ 123.00
Pancit Canton₱ 56.00
Pancit Canton with 1pc. Chinese Style Fried Chicken₱ 151.00


Menu ItemsCosts
King’s Special₱ 157.00
Pork Tocino₱ 123.00
Beef Tapa₱ 123.00
Chinese Pork Longganisa₱ 123.00
Breakfast Pork Chao Fan₱ 68.00
Breakfast Pork Chao Fan with Siomai₱ 111.00
Breakfast Beef Chao Fan₱ 97.00
Breakfast Beef Chao Fan with Siomai₱ 131.00
Breakfast Yang Chow Chao Fan₱ 109.00
Breakfast Yang Chow Chao Fan with Siomai₱ 142.00

Chao Fan

Menu Items ListMenu Cost
Pork Chao Fan with Topping₱ 97.00
Pork Chao Fan₱ 55.00
Beef Chao Fan with Topping₱ 118.00
Beef Chao Fan₱ 84.00
Yang Chow Chao Fan with Topping₱ 133.00
Yang Chow Chao Fan₱ 95.00


Menu ItemsCost
Chick ‘n Sauce Lauriat₱ 190.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken Lauriat₱ 190.00
Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat₱ 174.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork Lauriat₱ 196.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Fish Lauriat₱ 202.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Lauriat₱ 196.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat₱ 174.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Chunky Asado Siopao₱ 44.00
Bola Bola Siopao₱ 56.00
Chocopao₱ 44.00
3pc. Siopao Box₱ 129.00
2pc. Siomai₱ 34.00
4pc. Siomai₱ 56.00
4pc. Fried Pork Dumplings₱ 56.00
4pc. Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 56.00
Buchi₱ 34.00
Wonton Soup₱ 34.00
Chicharap₱ 56.00
Kangkong w/ Chinese Bagoong₱ 56.00
Tofu₱ 56.00
Extra Plain Rice₱ 30.00
Extra Egg Fried Rice₱ 44.00
Sweet & Sour Sauce₱ 17.00
Asian Spicy Sauce₱ 17.00

Good For Sharing

Menu ItemsPrices
Chick ‘n Sauce Group Platter₱ 319.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Pork Group Platter₱ 325.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Fish Group Platter₱ 330.00
Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken Group Platter₱ 319.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Group Platter₱ 330.00
Pork Chao Fan Group Platter₱ 208.00
Beef Chao Fan Group Platter₱ 248.00
Yang Chow Chao Fan Group Platter₱ 283.00
Egg Fried Rice Group Platter₱ 190.00
Steamed Pork Siomai Group Platter₱ 168.00
8pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 559.00
6pc. Chinese-Style Fried Chicken₱ 447.00
Pancit Canton Group Platter₱ 218.00
Chopsuey Group Platter₱ 320.00
Fried Pork Siomai Group Platter₱ 168.00
Lumpiang Shanghai Group Platter₱ 168.00
Fried Pork Dumpling Group Platter₱ 168.00
Buchi Group Platter₱ 134.00
Family Lauriat Set A (Good for 3)₱ 559.00
Family Lauriat Set B (Good for 4)₱ 840.00