Charlie And The Chocolate Bar: Chocolate Buffets Around The World

If you do not mind dental caries, you almost certainly wish you\re one of the children (or guardians) in the amazing Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Everything can be consumed, a river made of delicious chocolate, a garden that is made completely of candy, and Willy himself! Just joking, Mr. Wonka is inedible.

Flashbacks of the film’s scenes can be a great way of describing the experience of consuming a chocolate buffet. If you have not been to one, we’ll bring you the most unique and the best chocolate buffets the world has to provide.

A few of such locations might be absurdly far, and travel restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic will not let you out of your country, but a trip to Bellagio Buffet or Bacchanal Buffet ought to invoke sweet memories. Go crazy on the dessert bar!


The first on our list is the Sukhothai in Bangkok. The hotel provides a sweet memory to take back home. A chocolate buffet is held every Sunday, Saturday, and Friday between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

The chocolate buffet is unbelievably good, offering interesting chocolate buffets such as the Manjari or Guanaja. The Guanaja has a fascinating history. It is a seventy percent chocolate mixture, introduced back in 1986, and is prepared by blending Forestero and Criollo beans from Venezuela.

The name Guanaja was, in fact, an island name on which Christopher Columbus met the beans that’d ultimately make the KitKat chocolate in the pocket. The Guanaja is actually dark chocolate. Tasting it at the Sukhothai is completely a multicultural experience.

Pasadena’s Langham Huntington Hotel:

Pasadena’s Langham Huntington Hotel really goes experimental; they’ve added flair to their chocolate buffets by mixing in tasty art. Intricately carved chocolate art sculptures such as tarts, sandwiches, and mousses complement the beverages. If you desire to try their makings, you can enjoy a seafood bar inside the chocolate bar with their smoked salmon or marinated shrimp and roasted fennel.

Now the next one is absolutely a Willy Wonka adventure. Permitting just small groups of ten, VIP tours of London with are actually taken on a special journey lasting around 2-3 hours.

They’re shown the amazing history of chocolate. And as with any other historically well-known product, connoisseurship is inevitable. The brand offers a mix of chocolate in beer or chocolate in wine.

Peninsula Chicago:

For an extremely soulful chocolate experience, individuals who happen to go to the Peninsula Chicago will know how setting the mood can really improve the palate for chocolate. Jazz is played in a quiet atmosphere, although the chocolate is combined with brews of espresso and coffee to assist in keeping you excited.


Coming to the middle-eastern side of the planet, you would least expect Beirut to provide one of the most generous chocolate buffets. The companies of chocolate and the layout are both expensive and artistic.

They set up the chocolate buffet in the extremely elegant and spacious Boulevard Lounge. What makes it special is the buffet actually goes with different seasons. For the spring season, you can anticipate having a bitter and deep dark chocolate with floral hints. This setup is really the best; guests are also given the option to order by the piece.

Sofitel Hotel Metropole Hanoi:

If you desire to visit a multicultural chocolate-tasting adventure or a really historical hotspot, go to the Far East! Sofitel Hotel Metropole Hanoi looks back on French Indochina for motivation and for heightening the experience; they offer French-based cuisine with different chocolate treats. Mille-feuille pastries, mini éclairs, and crepes are just a few of their most well-liked offerings.

Fullerton Hotels:

There seems to be a rising appreciation among Asians for chocolate considering cacao is generally a western world food crop. 2 Fullerton Hotels in Singapore offer you a lovable relief from the high-pressure society where everything is just about money.

Individuals who’ve visited the chocolate buffets highly suggest the Tainori chocolate cake or the Manjari crunch cake. If you think everything is too much, you can go a little light with the berries dipped in milk chocolate. Macaroons and pralines are also available.

Marina Bay Sands’

Seriously, what’s up with lavishness in Singapore? The Marina Bay Sands’ (the most creative individual yet when it comes to food) Chef Ryan Witcher will fascinate you with his dessert offerings. Every 8:00 PM in the Sands Sky Park, people walk into the chocolate heaven and can taste different chocolate combos that are a sensory delight.

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