Hailed as one of the best four gourmet buffet places in Las Vegas, the Aria Buffet may just be the most well-liked, too, for the people who are really on a budget. It provides excellent value for your cash since it is reasonably priced and serves up many wonderful dishes that you can just get at more expensive eateries.

As the name of this restaurant suggests, this buffet is actually a part of the ARIA Resort and Casino that is situated at the City Center. It really covers a major section of the two-floor restaurant area of the complex.

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Aria Buffet Prices 2023:

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August 2023. Prices mentioned here are updated regularly

What Can You Get Here At Aria Buffet?

If the fact that this buffet restaurant is the most reasonably priced among the best gourmet all-you-can-eat places didn’t convince you to check this place out, there’re some more reasons that may make you think about it again. For starters, the Aria Buffet promises to be the very definition of the Las Vegas buffet: excessive.

You can try different dishes that you will locate in the high-end AYCE restaurants here. They are also all assured to be cautiously made for the utmost satisfaction of the customers.

This fantastic buffet also takes pride in the genuine Tandoor oven that you cannot simply locate elsewhere in Sin City. With that, you can really enjoy a few of the premium Indian dishes to the heart’s content. Last but definitely not least, the all-day pass that they offer would definitely not hurt the wallet. For just sixty dollars, you can already consume all day until you cannot anymore!

For learning more about the Aria Buffet or for finding a location close to you, please navigate the official website at https://aria.mgmresorts.com/en/restaurants/the-buffet.html.

Buffet At Aria Location:

The Aria Buffet is situated on the second-level promenade near the Herringbone. You can get to the buffet from the self-parking entrance on the casino floor. Simply take the left-hand side walkway to a Poker Room, then board the escalators beside Optica for heading up to the 2nd level.

Go right and follow the way to the Buffet, which will then be on the left-hand side. From the front of Aria’s desk, go towards the Lobby Bar on the right side and go by the Aria Café and Radiance. Board the escalators beside Optica and go up to the 2nd level; simply take the path on the right, and the aria buffet will be ahead on your left.

Aria Buffet Discounts And Coupons:

The great deal for The Aria Buffet is to get the all-day pass for only sixty dollars. You can consume all day long for just sixty dollars and get to pick from dozens of incredible dishes prepared fresh every day by the gourmet chefs. You can also book the unique Bed and Breakfast Room Rate using the Aria site to enjoy complimentary lunch or breakfast each night of the stay.

Valued up to seventy dollars in the dining credit, you can make use of the credit for dining at The Buffet, ARIA Patisserie, ARIA Café, or Market Café at Vdara or Burger Lounge at ARIA. You can also go to the Buffet at the lunch service’s end, around 2:45 PM, and go to the dinner buffet stations and fresh dinner options at 3 PM.

Room With Buffets Included:

There are room sales during the year that comprise everyday buffets free. Go to the hotel deals page for updated promotions. We suggest asking for a table by the windows while dining at The Aria Buffet. The view is incredible, and the big windows let in natural, beautiful sunlight that lightens up the elegant yet informal décor at The Aria Buffet.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Aria Buffet?

How Much Does Aria Buffet Really Cost?

If you want to have breakfast at the Aria Buffet, then for adults (per individual), it costs around 24.99 dollars. The breakfast here for children from age 5 to 12 (per child) costs around 12.50 dollars.

How Much Does Gourmet Dinner Cost At Aria Buffet?

It is available from Friday to Sunday from 3 pm to 10 pm. For adults (per person), this Friday to Sunday dinner costs around 43.99 dollars. This Friday to Sunday dinner here for children from age 5 to 12 (per child) costs around 0.00 dollars.

How Much Is The All-Day Pass At Aria Buffet?

The all-day pass at the Aria Buffet is available from Monday to Friday. For adults (per person), this all-day pass costs around 60.00 dollars.

How Much Is Dinner At Aria Buffet?

Dinner here at Aria Buffet is available from Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 10 pm. This Monday to Thursday dinner here at Aria Buffet for adults (per person) costs around 38.99 dollars. And, this Monday to Thursday dinner here at Aria Buffet for children from age 5 to 12 (per child) costs around 0.00 dollars.

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