Are You Ready For The Brand New Bacchanal Buffet?

As the United States eases the restrictions on indoor dining, buffets are one of the amazing things that are actually coming back. It, of course, is a huge deal, particularly in Las Vegas, the land of a few of the most decadent buffet spreads.

After one year of being closed or having narrow operations, individuals are hoping to indulge themselves with a broad array of dishes. On the first of May, Nevada’s Clark County lifted the restrictions for conventional buffets.

The county has been relieving restrictions since April and deemed it safe to let dining establishments permit more dine-in patrons. It pushed the major buffet restaurant in town to schedule their grand return.

As many people would know, like other buffet places in Las Vegas, the Bacchanal Buffet’s operations were closed down by the COVID-19 pandemic more than a year ago. While many other buffet places already opened again in the latter part of the year 2020 with table service, Bacchanal Buffet didn’t follow suit.

What it did instead is they made the most of the time off by refurbishing their restaurant and doing much remodeling. That’s why the reopening of the Bacchanal became extremely anticipated. Not only did the people miss the offerings of the restaurants, but they now have an added new experience to anticipate since the renovations promised many new things.

What’s New At The New Bacchanal Buffet?

So what’re the new, exciting things and the changes you can anticipate seeing at the all-new Bacchanal Buffet? Here are a few of the most noteworthy examples:

  • Reservations Just For The Non-Caesars Rewards 7-Star Guests:

Technically, Clark County just permits eating places to fill just up to eighty percent of their seating capacity, so diners are not really in full swing yet. So despite the ease of restrictions, there are still a few measures that eating places have to enforce to guarantee safety.

One method of doing so is by limiting the customers inside the facility, so Bacchanal isn’t permitting walk-ins yet. Just their VIP guests can walk in without reservations, so if you are not one, it is great to book a table in advance.

  • Sanitizer Dispensers In-Between Food Stations:

Since the world pandemic is still not over, safety measures are still highly essential to be observed. That’s why sanitizer dispensers are put in between different food stations so individuals can clean their hands in between dishes.

  • Ninety-Minutes Time Limit:

Before the world pandemic, this amazing buffet place had already implemented a two-hour time limit. However, because of the limited seating of the buffet, they reduced the time limit to ninety minutes. A few individuals are having problems with it if truth be told, as there are a lot of diverse food options to try and enjoy.

  • Mezze Bar:

The nine food stations at Bacchanal Buffet have a new addition in the Mezze bar form. It features a few North African, Balkans, and Western Asian delicacies that are ideal as appetizers. They are awesome dishes to kick off a feast.

  • Thirty New Dishes:

Taking everything up a notch is the new addition at Bacchanal of thirty new dishes to the menu. So if you desire to have loads of choices, this buffet may just suit your favorites with the massive spread.

If you are one of the people who missed spending some time in a great buffet place, a visit to the Bacchanal may just be a great way of getting back in the groove.

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